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Grangemore Development

After working alongside a planning consultant to gain outline planning approval for this site, our client then approached us to undertake the full planning application so as to honour the timescale condition of the original approval. The Outline approval was one of the first issued for a development of this nature, of which part of it lay outside the limit of development for this area. The scheme which taken to planning consists of a total of 12 units, which vary in house type and size. All parking standards were met and ADMS Architects provided a full service of landscape design also. We worked closely with Foyle Consulting Engineers in order to have a fully integrated plan of street layout, house placement and services arrangement. The application has just been fully approved by planning service.





Bready Development

Within the development limits of the small hamlet of Bready, ADMS Architects gained full planning permission for this parcel of land on which 10 dwellings have been designed. As part of the planning application we worked closely with Civil engineers to develop a low density design and house types which were approved by both client and planning service. Full landscape details were also provided as part of the full package.



Donemana Development

A vacant site within the Co.Tyrone village of Donemana, this project brought its own challenges of access arrangements, context of adjoining village property, a sloping site and parking / movement. Through analysis of the site, which allowed development of a strong concept a design was settled upon which both satisfied client and planning authorities (including Transport NI). A contemporary take on the traditional terrace type rural village form of dwellings, the design was aimed at providing a much improved solution, with increased space to each house as well as the required private amenity space. Full planning approval has been issued for this scheme.




Ballykelly Development

Within the development limits of the village of Ballykelly, our client approached us with the brief to design a proposal which would maximise the value of the site as well as being approved by planning service. Although this was an outline application, as with other similar applications, ADMS Architects demonstrated the design through analysis and site plan drawings as well as 3D conceptual models. Both client and planning are pleased with the proposals and outline permission has been granted.




Claudy Development

Having languished in planning service under another agent for some time, only to gain a refusal, ADMS Architects were appointed to design and resubmit a scheme for a site containing some old disused buildings on the limits of the Village of Claudy. Although this was applied for as an outline application a conceptual 3D model of the proposed design was drawn up so as to allow both client and planning to fully understand the possibilities what was envisaged. The sloping area of the site was given over to a shared green space, with the dwellings forming a courtyard type environment around these – similar to many county / clachan style developments. This scheme has gained outline planning approval. If you have an interest in purchasing this site, please make contact through the office.



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Lettershandoney Development

This development of over 100 dwellings of various types is currently nearing approval with the planning service. In addition, the design incorporates retail units, apartments and shared green spaces. The overall layout was designed to permit various levels of densities so that the appropriate house types could be included – thus creating a range of dwellings which vary in affordability and size. ADMS worked closely with civil engineers, landscape architects and the client to development this cohesive yet varied layout, which we are expecting to gain approval for shortly.


Straidarran Development

A development of 31 dwellings built on what was zoned land for housing under the local area plan in a rural area, ADMS acted for our client to obtain all required statutory approvals and legal mapping services. As part of this many hours of meetings were devoted to developing an agreed design with consultation bodies, including transport NI and NI Water. The development included a range of house types and forms, so as to compliment the planning policies at the time. As part of the design guidance, an open green space was provided for the resident’s use which was backed up with a management plan, advised on by ADMS. This development is now fully occupied and has had the roads system adopted by transport NI.