Ordnance Survey Agents

As licensed distributors for Ordnance Survey products we can supply a range of products.

Ordnance survey has now been subsumed by land and property services. For further information, please click here

‘ACE’ maps suitable for first registration for property sales can be supplied, this service currently being supplied to numerous solicitors involved in conveyance. These maps are also required to form part of planning applications.

Services, Including ACE map orders include:

  • Create an ACEmap
  • Digital Measurement
  • Create a Vector Product
  • Create a Raster Product
  • Distance Measurement Tool
  • Historical Maps

Digital Products available for order:

  • Raster
  • Vector
  • Address
  • Height/3D
  • 1:10000 Colour
  • Historic Maps
  • Orthophotography

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