Not content with designing and seeing buildings through to their completion on site, we at ADMS Architects take a great interest in then viewing the completed project. In fact, we take a great deal of interest in the world around us in general terms – it comes from that deep interest in the world of architecture. The beauty of this is that it is everywhere, and always offering something different.

These images were submitted as part of a Royal Institute of Ulster Architects ‘Hidden Heritage’ photographic competition a few years back. Making it more special for us was that it was based in our hometown – so how could we resist making an entry.

It really showcased the city for the many jewels of architecture.

Whilst not making first place – we did manage to get the runner up 2nd place position, for our photo of the beautiful 1st Derry Church at nighttime.

Purely a bit of indulgence into the architecture around us – but worth showcasing!

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